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How to Grow a Happy, Healthy Baby

on January 13, 2014


  • Eat nutritious whole foods as close to their natural state as possible. Vitamin supplements are not a substitute for a well-balanced variety of food.
  • Sleep when tired, eat when hungry, and drink when thirsty.  Listen to your body and your baby growing inside you or nursing at your breast.
  • Consult the appropriate people for specific information:  A midwife for a natural birth, an obstetrician for a higher risk pregnancy, a certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) for complicated breastfeeding issues or a La Leche League Leader for breastfeeding support and information.
  • Plan your baby’s birth with the birthing team you are most comfortable with.  Make informed decisions.
  • Nourish and nurture your baby on breast milk alone.  Pacifiers, water, and artificial baby milk can interfere with the delicate relationship between infant and mother as well as the (specificity) normal environment of the baby’s gut.
  • Ask lots of questions and weigh all the answers you get from various people.  Remember, you are the one who knows yourself, your situation, and your baby best.
  • Babies don’t mind what they wear or how they look.  Use your resources wisely so that you need not feel stressed.  Keep it simple – a baby carrier, soft cloth diapers, gently used clothing and an abundance of love.
  • Babies need hugging, cuddling and to be carried when they cry. Use breastfeeding as the ultimate soother. You can’t spoil a baby by being kind, showing love, and consideration.
  • Sleep near your baby and rest whenever you can. Nighttime is nice if your mother sleeps close to you and her milk is abundant and offered with joy.
  • The happy, healthy baby is admired and appreciated by a large, extended family and his/her community.  Take your baby with you whenever possible.  Grocers, doctors, bus drivers, journalists, teachers, chiropractors, and the rest of the world community will see your happy, healthy baby exploring the surroundings he or she will inherit in adulthood.
  • Invest as much time as you can in raising your baby and harvest the rewards.

By Linda Mellway McIntyre, La Leche League Leader 

Happy, healthy baby


If you need more information or have a breastfeeding problem or concern, you are strongly encouraged to talk directly to a La Leche League Leader.  In Canada, Leaders can be located by clicking  or  Internationally  






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