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Overcoming Difficulties

on August 18, 2014

Today I’m GRATEFUL for being able to breastfeed Melody.  After struggling for the first month I became very empathetic and understanding of each Mom I met knowing that they too had faced what I was facing.

Jacklyn S


After a severe case of mastitis, pumping like a poor dairy cow and the scheduling that came with it and crying as I had to give Melody formula in a bottle (this was really hard for me), I was near my breaking point and almost gave up.  Melody was labelled failure to thrive for the first month as we rushed to the hospital 3 times in a month as she wasn’t gaining…it was an awful feeling inside that I wasn’t able to feed my baby.  I was on the herbs and the meds, the cookies, the teas and wasn’t sure what to do anymore.

Thankfully our struggle was only for the first month and a half and I was blessed with a recommendation from my friend and my Aunt to contact my local La Leche League Leader.  I was soon in contact and this woman, who unpaid, came right over *.  Her payment, she says is seeing babies successfully breastfeed.  When Melody really nursed for the first time, I remember that I wasn’t the only one with tears of joy in my eyes.  My LLLC Leader was also tearing up as Melody breastfed independently for the first time.  The nurses will say don’t let them just sit there and eat/soothe but honestly, I don’t care…when I finally got that gift…I just didn’t care.

Since then, we’ve danced the breastfeeding dance everywhere possible and I’m beyond blessed that in our little valley we have so much support for Mom’s.  I just wanted to share my story so other Mom’s know the help that’s available.  My LLLC Leader was invaluable and I think every Mom should have her on call just as you would your midwife or doctor.


As a mom, it’s unfair to sit in judgement of other mom’s choices because as I learned sometimes there isn’t a choice to make.  We all do what we can and when it comes down to it, our little ones need us to make the best decisions possible…I soon learned a happy Mom was a happy Baby.

A large number of women stood beside me in my struggles and I wanted to acknowledge all the things they did for me, including bringing me food in the hospital, coming to take me to the doctors, making me lactation cookies, bringing us food at home, going to our house to pick up clean clothes & food, always answering a text, doing grocery shopping, talking over Facebook, bringing me creams and hot packs and listening to me cry, hugging me endlessly and being there when I finally stood up again.

A huge thank you to my Aunt, my good friend for her article, and above all my La Leche League Leader, who helped me reach a goal I believed unreachable.

To all the Mom’s – thank you for sharing your stories with me, needless to say, the biggest thing is knowing you’re not alone and that whatever decision you make is the right one.

Much love, Melody and I.

By Jacklyn Szabo

*Not all La Leche League Leaders are able to make home visits.


If you need more information or have a breastfeeding problem or concern, you are encouraged to talk directly to a La Leche League Leader.  In Canada, Leaders can be located by clicking or Internationally






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