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Juggling Holiday Parties and Breastfeeding

on November 18, 2014

This is the time of year when the holiday party invitations start to arrive and many breastfeeding mothers feel anxious about how they are going to juggle breastfeeding and social obligations.

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Family events are generally less stressful to figure out as babies are usually welcome guests. Depending on your family and your own comfort level you may want to plan ahead for a quiet place to nurse baby out of the main action. Wearing clothing that makes nursing access easy will save time and fussing (on your part and baby’s). A shawl or loose sweater can provide an additional feeling of privacy without throwing a blanket over baby’s head.

It is the office parties that seem to cause the most stress for mothers of young children. The first question is “should I or should I not attend this event?” While these events are usually fun they may not be mandatory. If attending is going to cause you and your baby distress then skip this year and see how you feel about going next year.

If you need to be there and baby is very tiny then match your outfit to your baby carrier and go. You will have the cutest accessory in the crowd!  If your baby is older perhaps having a babysitter come with you to look after your little one in a nearby lobby or hotel room would provide a balance between social needs and baby’s needs.

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Talk with your partner and the other important people involved in the event about meeting the needs of baby and how that can happen around the particular requirements of the event. The collective thought of creative minds may come up with a plan that you hadn’t considered. Whatever you decide to do, either going or staying home, feel good about your decision and know that next year things will be very different.


If you need more information or have a breastfeeding problem or concern, you are strongly encouraged to talk directly to a La Leche League Leader.  In Canada, Leaders can be located by clicking or Internationally






One response to “Juggling Holiday Parties and Breastfeeding

  1. lisa says:

    I had one of the most horrible experiences two years ago. We were planning to go to this huge Christmas party that my ex’s family was having. I really didn’t want to go and I knew there wouldn’t be anywhere private to breast feed our baby. My ex was extremely adamant that we go, so after him getting mad and not seeing my point of view I just gave in. He was bottle fed at the party and I was behind on nursing, leaving me uncomfortably engorged.

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