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Our Christmas Baby

on December 21, 2015

Our Christmas baby was born 34 yrs ago.  She was premature by a little more than two weeks and having a baby come early was definitely not in our plans.  We were going to celebrate Christmas with my parents and family in Edmonton then Grandma and Grandpa would come down to help get ready to greet our new baby.

However, during the night my waters broke.  By then, our 2 1/2 year old son was cuddled in with us and he heard me tell his dad that it was time.  I was amazed how he woke up in a flash, reminding me just how intensely a soon-to-be older brother/sister waits for this moment to arrive, too.  When I worried about how this can’t be happening so soon, that we weren’t ready, he rolled over gave me a big hug and patting my back said, “It’s OK Mom; everything will be OK.”  That comforted me so much.  I was able to refocus, pack our bags and find someone to take care of him while we went off to the hospital.  As has happened many times during our 36+ years of parenting, a friend from my LLLC Group came to our rescue.  She had 4 young boys and one more staying over was just fine for them. Our brave little trooper, who had never been away from us overnight, cuddled up with her on the couch reading stories, napping and spent the day happily playing until his new baby sister was born.  She arrived in the birthing room just before sunset.  The soft winter sunlight coming in through the window at that time of day always reminds me now of those peaceful moments after birth with her, her dad and me snuggled up in bed.



We didn’t get to rest too long, though, as the hospital was discharging anyone who wanted to leave in order to reduce staff over the holiday.  What were we going to do now?  I really wanted to go home but the house was not ready nor food in the fridge to celebrate Christmas.  I totally surprised my husband when I asked him to pack up the car, bring our big down comforter, emergency kit plus snacks and we were on the road heading to Edmonton.  Our precious two slept all the way there.  We arrived much to everyone’s surprise on Christmas Day morning with our newborn.  My family pampered us for the entire holiday week with lots of care, attention and food to eat.  It was perfect and truly “everything was OK”.

Happy holiday!


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