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Breastfeeding, Inflammation & Infection

on August 22, 2016

We have long known that babies who are breastfed have a lower risk of getting an infection and that their immune systems develop differently. The biological mechanisms behind these differences are still under investigation by scientists.

A recently published study by Arnardottir, Dalli and Sehan into a class of molecules called “specialized pro-resolving mediators” (SPMs) found that these inflammation resolving molecules are found in high numbers in human milk. This group of molecules is involved in clearing infections, reducing inflammation, combating pain and healing wounds.

The highest levels of these SPMs were found in the breastmilk of healthy mothers. Mothers who had an active case of mastitis (a breast infection) had much lower levels in their milk samples. When their milk was tested it did not have the same ability to resolve inflammation and infection. Cow’s milk and artificial infant formula showed no detectable level of SPMs.



Further study will be needed to see how these SPMs have a role in the protection of the infant from infection and the development of the babies’ immune system. For now it would appear that they play a role in the mother in protecting against or resolving mastitis.

For more information about avoiding or resolving mastitis check out:

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⦁ Talking things over in-person with a La Leche League Leader is always the best way to get support and information that is right for your situation.


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